Relocating is a big deal. Whether for work purposes or to start a new life, relocating can be a tough experience. At Rajamariaman JB we understand this and we aim to make your relocating experience one that runs smooth. We take care of all the big stuff so you can concentrate on adjusting and settling into your new environment and life.

Rajamariaman JB has been in the relocating business for 20 years. We have seen it all. Because of our years of experience and on-the-job problem-solving, we have a lot of advice and help to offer people who are relocating or thinking of doing so. So, we started this blog site to help all our potential customers understand a bit more about what we do and how we can help. We also give great packing tips and ideas on how to prepare for and survive moving day.

Our purpose is to make sure that your moving experience is not more traumatic than it needs to be. By following our posts, you will be preparing yourself both mentally and practically for the packing part and the actual moving day.

We would like to invite you to ask any questions that may not yet be answered through our published posts. We also encourage our readers to help out fellow relocators by sharing your moving stories and the types of tips you learned through your experience. Visit the CONTRIBUTE page to learn more.