Contributing to this website is very simple. We call on our readers to share their experiences and advice with other out there. Combined with our tips and advice, our blog can give people who are relocating the best tools to prepare themselves for the process of packing, moving and starting fresh.

Who and Why?

Anyone who has relocated and learned a few things through that experience can write to us. We all earn things as we go and if you moved more than once, you tend to get a lot smarter quite fast.

The reason why you should share is to help others. First-time movers or people who are relocating due to a change of job, a tragedy, or any other reason can benefit from your stories and the things you learned. It is nice to hear from people who have experienced the same thing as you.


You can write to us about your moving day and the things that went right or wrong and how you handled it. You can tell us how you prepared for moving day or give us your best packing tips. If you have children and pets and moved with them, we want to hear how you managed that. So, basically, anything that can help us help others, you can write about.

How Often?

Most of our reader posts are once-off or maybe twice. If we get someone who really writes well and knows a lot, we consider making them a guest writer and maybe eventually a permanent writer. So, to start, you will only write the one article that you feel will be of value.

Send your contributions to