How to Find a New Temple When You’re in a New Town

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When you relocate, for whatever reason, you have to start over in many different ways. You need to find a new favorite grocer, a new doctor, a new vet, a new school, and a new place of worship. Everything will be new. Our faith is very important to keep our balance in life and finding a new temple or place of worship, for whichever religion, should be a top priority. So, today we focus on how to find your new temple when you relocate.

Talk to your current temple priests. If you have to relocate, your current Hindu priests will be able to tell you where your nearest temple will be in your new state or country. They will have contact with other priests and be able to get you in contact with them to plan a visit as soon as you get there. You may have more than one option.

Make use of the Internet. Google and other search engines are very helpful when you need to find something. Search for Hindu temples in your new area and you are sure to find some leads to follow up. Remember, you can visit them first before making a decision.

Visit the options when you get there. Visit the Hindu temples that are near where you live and meet the priests. Get a feel for the place and the people and determine whether you feel at home or not. If you have only one choice, you will make it home. If you have more than one choice, choose the one that feels more like home to you.

Start going and worshipping with your fellow believers. Once you have chosen your temple, you can just start becoming a part of the temple and get back to your routine.

We understand that finding a new temple may be more complex or easier than you may expect. However, you should always choose the place that feels more like you belong.