Top Tips for Packing Valuable Items for Your Big Move

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Packing can be a real drag and something that few people look forward to. However, if you are relocating it is a necessary part of the process. So, today we want to share some tips on how to secure and pack your valuable items and breakables.

  1. Decide what is of great value and fragile. Certain items like jewellery should be placed in a safe or a box and secured. Most moving companies do not transport jewellery and you will be better off transporting it yourself. Other items like temples, kitchenware, priceless artwork or sculptures, mirrors, etc. must be secured.
  2. Wrap and pack. Some things you should leave to the movers. For example, if you have a heavy mirror or expensive painting to move, you need to let them know ahead of time. Movers have special containers and wrappings to secure these types of valuables and make sure that they stay safe. For other items, you can wrap them in bubble wrap and make sure that any small pieces or fragile pieces are secure. Let the movers know which items are valuable and should be moved with great care.
  3. Use the correct packaging. Like we said in the second point, there are containers for specific things. You can ask about what types of boxes you can get for specific valuable or breakable items. Make sure that you inform the movers of these needs.
  4. Have insurance. If you have something really valuable that has to be moved, make sure you have some sort of insurance – your own and from the moving company. You want some sort of guarantee if the truck gets in an accident or stolen.

Those are the basic tips. Your valuables are important and you should take every precaution to ensure that they get to the other side unscathed and intact. Often, you can hire a company that specializes in moving valuables. Otherwise, make use of our simple tips and give yourself some peace of mind.