Cleansing: How to Prepare Your New Home for a Prosperous Stay

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When you move to a new house, you need to feel safe and comfortable. To do so, you may have to clear your house of negative energy. Many religions and traditions believe that you should cleanse a new house before moving in. If there was conflict or a lot of negative energy in the house before you lived there, you will be doing yourself a favour. You don’t want to feel uneasy or negative in your new home without knowing why.

A few traditional traditions include:

Sage – Smudging with sage is one of the more used traditions. Sage is a powerful and very popular herb used in Native American and other cultures in cleansing rituals. It is also used for medicinal purposes. Sage is beneficial for cleansing as well as other health benefits.

Sound – You can make use of sound to shake loose any negative energy that is stuck. The vibrations from drums or shakers can help cleanse your house of any resistant energies. When a church rings church bells, cleansing is one of the reasons why.

Incense – Everyone knows incense and many people burn it often for different purposes. Incense is believed to have different effects on the human mind and body. It makes sense as smell is a very strong sense. Incense can be used to purify your home. It is readily available and you can find the smells and effects that you want and like to purify or cleanse your home and create the atmosphere and energy that you want.

House blessing – Many different cultures and religions believe in house blessings. Whether it is a priest that sprinkles holy water while blessing every room or a Hindu priest according to their traditions, it is a popular practice. A house blessing is done to protect the inhabitants from harm and keep them safe.

Cleansing your new home may seem like a foreign concept, but there is value in it. If you want to start new and make a good life for yourself, consider these options for your new home. You can find out from your local priests or religious leaders who can perform house blessings and the rest you can do yourself.